Frequently Asked Questions

Question/Problem Answer/Solution
1. I am using two Powerline Adaptors to connect the PCA and the TVA but there is no video.
  1. Check if Powerline Adaptors are connected.
  2. Reduce the video resolution from your PC.
2. I am using VGA to DVI cable to connect my PC to the PCA. There is no audio.
  1. By using a speaker or ear phone, check whether the PC has audio.
  2. Turn off the PCA and than turn on it.
  3. Turn off the PCA, unplug the VGA to DVI cable, turn on the PCA and plug the VGA to DVI cable.
3. Can this deliver video and audio over the Internet? No. Although the system uses standard internet protocol on the same class C subnet, it requires up to 20MB of bandwidth per transmitter for high definition video (1/5 of a normal 100MB network). That is the bandwidth of over 10 dedicated T1 lines.
4. What do I get with the product? The standard package comes with one transmitter and one receiver. Here are photos of the product.
5. Is this FCC approved? Yes. Here is the certification from the FCC.
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